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Pink Sugar

Author Bio

AMIT Sengupta is an engineer by profession and an executive in an Indian Public Sector Enterprise. He has a strong passion for writing and is proud to be a good citizen. His concern for equity and justice has prompted him to commence his author journey. His mission is to promote goodness and wisdom through his work. His vision is one equal world.

The first offering

Behind the Author

In the 1990s, the Indian economy was opened to the world. With it, a laid back happy-go-lucky citizenry was suddenly thrown into the world of competition. The entire generation was suddenly introduced to a rat race where success started getting measured by money and status. The entire generation spent their prime time pursuing the so-called 'success'. Now that they have reached their twilight years they have realized that, in the pursuit of the tangibles, they have lost out on all the intangibles of, friendship, romance, etc. That thought inspired the author to write this psychological thriller and family drama.

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